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Family Favorite Chili {Recipe}

Happy Halloween!

It is actually cloudy and cool here today in So Cal.  Which is perfect weather for making a pot of chili & some cornbread!  Chili is especially great to make on a busy night like tonight if you are like me and will be getting littles ready to go trick-or-treating.  Our family favorite chili recipe is this Easy Weeknight Chili from the gals at Our Best Bites.  Our whole family LOVES this chili!  I think I mentioned before that this is my favorite cooking blog too-seriously, we love all of their recipes.  What’s great about their Easy Weeknight Chili is that it is so quick and easy to make.  And you can make it ahead of time and leave it warm on the stove and people can dish some up when they’re ready to eat.  Make a double batch if you’re having a crowd or to have some extra to freeze for another day.  I’ve made this in the slow cooker too which works out perfectly if you want to get it made earlier in the day and have it ready to eat at dinnertime.  The best part about this chili?  My girls love it!  I am surprised that they like this chili so much, but it’s not spicy, doesn’t have any strange ingredients in it and they like that they can top it off with some shredded cheese and corn chips.  It’s a winner!

I originally got the recipe from this Our Best Bites cookbook, but now the recipe is on their blog too:

Doesn’t that look yummy?

Here’s all you need:

Like I said, no strange ingredients.  You can add your family’s favorite toppings too.

After simmering for a while you’ve got a nice, hot pot of chili:

It’s delish!

For this Easy Weeknight Chili recipe, click here.  You can have it ready in no time for before trick-or-treating tonight or try it another night when you need a quick and easy healthy dinner.  And I hope everyone has a fun and safe time tonight!



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