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Orange Sesame Asian Chicken Salad {Recipe}

We have been having a little bit of a heat wave these past few days.  But that’s how the Fall season goes here in Southern California.  What that means is it has been perfect weather for salads!  Salads are my jam!  We made this Orange Sesame Asian Chicken Salad from Our Best Bites last night for dinner:

(I forgot to take a photo of my own salad put together, I was just too hungry!  Ha ha!  But this is exactly what it turns out looking like when you make it yourself.)

This salad is SO good!  I should also mention that Our Best Bites is probably one of my favorite cooking websites.  I have their cookbooks too and we have liked every recipe of theirs that we have tried.  And I love that their recipes are mostly quick and easy but I feel like a rock star when I make them.  Boom!  I mean these two ladies are moms too so they just get it.

What I like about this salad is that you can prep everything ahead of time and then just throw it together when it’s time to eat dinner.  I usually make the dressing earlier in the day and cook the chicken too.  Sometimes I just use a rotisserie chicken which makes this even easier.  My girls like to build their own salads so we leave everything separate and each person adds what they like.  This is great because then the kids just leave out the ingredients they don’t like and there’s no complaining.  This also makes a lot so we usually eat it two nights in a row.  Or it would be great to have for lunch for a couple days after too.

One trick I do is to buy this romaine mix:

It already has some cabbage and carrots in with the lettuce so it saves me time.  What can I say?  I like a good cooking shortcut.

As I mentioned above, we just put everything out separately and then everyone makes their own salad based on their taste:

And I usually throw out a package of Hawaiian rolls too:

They go perfectly with this salad and they are really yummy!

To view more detailed photos with step by step instructions from the ladies at Our Best Bites or to print out the recipe to use yourself, click here.

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