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Taco Soup {Recipe}

I thought I would occasionally start posting some of our favorite recipes here.  Let me start by saying that I hate to meal plan, I hate to grocery shop, I hate to wash dishes, but I love to cook!  Ha ha!  I love making a yummy home cooked meal that we can enjoy around the table together as a family.  Being sick from chemo so much last year I missed a lot of meals with my family.  Now we really make it a goal to eat together every night and reconnect.  Our meals may not be fancy but it’s my favorite part of the day.  And it’s so fun now that my girls are older and are joining in on the cooking too.  With having busy schedules of homework and extracurricular activities after school (plus still not being back to full energy myself after doing chemo) I try to look for quick and easy recipes that are good and that all of us will eat.

One thing you should know about me too is that I love, love, LOVE soup!  We eat soup all year long around here but with the weather starting to cool down a little we’ll be eating it a lot more.  Soups are easy and for some reason it’s so fulfilling to me to mix a bunch of ingredients together and watch it become a delicious soup.

This is one of our favorites-Black Bean Taco Soup from Six Sisters’ Stuff:

It is so easy to make!  And the ingredients are pretty simple.  I also love that you can throw this in the crock pot earlier in the day if you need to or you can even make it ahead and freeze it.  Or you could make a double batch and eat some tonight and freeze some for another time.  This recipe is pretty forgiving too, you can adjust it to how you like it.  I always use low-sodium taco seasoning, frozen organic corn and usually just use 2 cans of diced tomatoes instead of the stewed tomatoes.  I think my girls love this soup so much because they get to add in their own toppings-shredded cheese, avocado, sour cream, tortilla chips.  They love any time they can customize their food.  Whatever gets them to eat, right?

My youngest helped me with this batch, she loves to stir stuff:

I usually just make some cornbread to go with this too and we have dinner on the table in no time!

For the recipe for Black Bean Taco Soup from Six Sister’s Stuff, click here.  We highly recommend it!


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